Time Columbia is a entertainment company.

What they own Edit

  • Columbia Pictures (TTL's Columbia and Tristar combined)
  • HBO
  • NBColumbia/NBC (Formerly HBO-Columbia Television)
  • HBO-Columbia Video
  • Orion Pictures
  • Carolco
  • Sega
  • Tribune Broadcasting
  • TV Asahi
  • All Nippon News Network
  • Time Magazine
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Travel + Leisure
  • Food & Wine
  • Fortune Magazine
  • People Magazine
  • InStyle Magazine
  • Life Magazine
  • Golf Magazine
  • Southern Living Magazine
  • Essence Magazine
  • Real Simple Magazine
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Columbia Family (Formerly Discovery Family, Discovery Kids and The Hub)
  • Six Flags (Time Columbia)
  • Discovery Zone (Time Columbia)

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