Showbiz Pizza is a family entertainment center that started in 1980. The chain uses the Rock Afire Explosion characters as mascots with Billy Bob being the main mascot.

Stages Edit

  • RAE 3-stage (1980-1998)
  • RAE Rocker Stage (1987-1998)
  • Studio Showbiz (1998-present)
    • Studio Showbiz Alpha (1998-present)
    • Studio Showbiz Alpha Beta Mix (2000-present)
    • Studio Showbiz Beta (2001-present)
    • Studio Showbiz Beta Cappa Mix (2002-present)
    • Studio Showbiz Cappa (2003-present)

Animatronics Edit

  • Rolf and Earl
  • Mitzi Mozzarella
  • Dook LaRue
  • Beach Bear
  • Billy Bob
  • Looney Bird
  • Antioch
  • Fatz Geronimo
  • Sun
  • Moon (also used at Chuck E. Cheese's)
  • Pizzacam (used with the Studio Showbiz line; also used at Chuck E. Cheese's)
  • Choo-Choo

One token Edit

Showbiz Pizza has a one token price point for their arcade games and coin-op rides like their sister brand Chuck E. Cheese's.

Playgrounds Edit

Showbiz Pizza and its sister brand Chuck E. Cheese's have it most locations a playground for kids called the "Skytubes" with crawl tubes, slides and at some locations a ball pit.

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