• 2002 - Fox Kids becomes "Saban's Saturday Superfest". Power Rangers Wild Force premieres on Fox. 4Kids goes bankrupt after spending alot of money trying to get Fox Kids.
  • 2003 - Power Rangers Ninja Storm premieres on Fox. Saban buys 4Kids.
  • February 14, 2004 - Power Rangers Dino Thunder premieres on FOX
  • 2005 - Saban's Saturday Superfest becomes "Saban's Super Saturday Sunrise". Power Rangers SPD premieres on Fox.
  • 2006 - Nick Jr. on CBS becomes "Saban TV". Power Rangers Mystic Force premieres on Fox.
  • 2007 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive debuts on Fox.
  • 2008 - Kids' WB! becomes "Vortexx". Saban's Super Saturday Sunrise becomes "Saban's Superpowered Saturdays". Power Rangers Jungle Fury premieres on Fox.
  • 2009 - Power Rangers RPM premieres on Fox.
  • 2011 - ABC Kids becomes "Saban's Power Block". Power Rangers Samurai premieres on Fox.
  • 2016 - NBC Kids becomes "Mighty Saturday". Power Rangers Dino Super Charge premieres on Fox.
  • January 21, 2017 - Power Rangers Ninja Steel premieres on the Fox network.

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