4Kids takes over every Saturday morning cartoon block77 Kids (Time Columbia)A Sears-less Kmart
Aeropostale (A Sears-less Kmart)Aeropostale (Alternate US retail history)Alternate US TV history
Alternate US TV history/Buffalo, New YorkAlternate US TV history/General timelineAlternate US TV history/Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida
Alternate US retail historyAmerican Eagle Outfitters (Time Columbia)Big Kmart (A Sears-less Kmart)
Bowser's CastleBrothers (Alternate US retail history)CBS4Kids (4Kids takes over every Saturday morning cartoon block)
CBS (CBS and Viacom Still Together)CBS and Viacom Still TogetherCBS scenario
CMT (Discovery takes over all of TV)Cartoon Network (Discovery takes over all of TV)Cartoon Network (ITV plc. ownership)
Cartoon Network closes down and returnsCartoon Network purchased by CarltonChuck E. Cheese's (No Concept Unification)
CokelumbiaColumbia-Tristar, not Sony!Columbia Pictures (Cokelumbia)
Comedy Central (Discovery takes over all of TV)Dave's Alternate History WikiDenny's (Time Columbia)
Discovery ZoneDiscovery Zone (Time Columbia)Discovery takes over all of TV
Disney acquires McDonald'sDisney buys Cartoon NetworkElection of 1860
Ford spins off Lincoln-MercuryFox Kids (Alternate US TV history)Fox Kids (No Education on Saturdays)
Fun and GamesGeneral DiscussionHuggies (Time Columbia)
K-Cafe (A Sears-less Kmart)KFC (Time Columbia)Kids' WB! takes over every Saturday morning cartoon block
Kids "R" Us (Alternate US retail history)Kids WB (No Education on Saturdays)Kmart (A Sears-less Kmart)
Kmart (Alternate US retail history)Kmart Kids (A Sears-less Kmart)Logos (Time Columbia)
Lysol (Time Columbia)Matt's NBC ScenarioMcDonald's Taken Over By TimeWarner
Merkur (Ford spins off Lincoln-Mercury)Mountain Dew (Time Columbia)NBC merges with Disney
New on Wikia starter pagesNews and AnnouncementsNickelodeon (Discovery takes over all of TV)
Nintendo-Atari mergerNo Concept UnificationNo Education on Saturdays
P.S. from AĆ©ropostale (Alternate US retail history)PACE Membership Warehouse (A Sears-less Kmart)PBS (Alternate US TV history)
PBS Kids (Alternate US TV History)Pepsi (Time Columbia)Questions and Answers
Saban's Power Block (Saban takes over every Saturday morning cartoon block)Saban TV (Saban takes over every Saturday morning cartoon block)Saban takes over every Saturday morning cartoon block
Saturday Morning Cartoons (Columbia Tristar Not Sony)Sega's RBC ScenarioShowbiz Pizza (No Concept Unification)
Six Flags (Time Columbia)Storer Multimedia (Alternate US TV history)Super Kmart (A Sears-less Kmart)
Target (Time Columbia)Time ColumbiaTime Columbia (company)
Time DisneyTime ParamountToon Disney (No Education on Saturdays)
Toonami (No Education on Saturdays)TriStar Pictures (Time Columbia)United States Presidential Election, 1860 (Election of 1860)
Vortexx (Saban takes over every Saturday morning cartoon block)WACY (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)WAGA-TV (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)
WALA-TV (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)WATL (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)WBAL-TV (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)
WCAU (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)WCGV (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)WDJT (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)
WEDU (Alternate US TV history)WGBA-TV (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)WGNX-TV (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)
WGPR (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)WITI (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)WJBK (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)
WJZ-TV (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)WKBD (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)WLUK-TV (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)
WMAR-TV (No 1990s Affiliation Switch)WTVT (Alternate US TV history)Walmart (A Sears-less Kmart)
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